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Whats Best For Your Dog? Commercial Food, Raw Diet or Start Cooking

Updated: Jul 19, 2018

Are you sure this is safe???

Call me old school but I was raised feeding my dogs from a bag of dog food. Well, times have changed a bit for our pooches and their humans. Maybe its time to get with the program.

A raw diet for dogs has become quite a controversial topic. After all, our dogs evolved from wolves.

There are definitely substantial pros and cons to feeding your precious pup a raw diet.


  • Shinier coats (from the fats)

  • Healthier skin

  • Cleaner teeth

  • Higher energy levels

  • Smaller Stools


  • Bacteria could be present in raw meats

  • Unbalanced diet may damage their health (although adding grains, vegetables and a vitamin supplement will solve that issue)

  • Potential for bones can cause choking or even an internal puncture

In 1993 Australian Veterinarian Ian Billinghurst proposed an idea to extend feeding practices of raw food diets to domesticated adult dogs. Many veterinarians disagree with this as does the FDA. The risks have been documented in studies published in veterinary journals. However, Billinghursts book, Give Your Dog A Bone was published and many healthy dog food diets have emerged.

With all the recalls on commercial dog foods in recent years its no wonder that we are looking for other options. You can see a complete list of recalled dog foods dating as far back as 2009 on my website namasnummies.com.

I think for me a happy medium would be the best option. Just recently I have begun to cook for my dogs and add it to their kibble. That's whats working for me at the present time. I have yet to add the raw meats but I am more than willing to keep researching and possibly adding it to their diet.

I would suggest doing your research before changing your dogs diet. There are a lot of factors involved with health issues that many dogs are coping with and a diet change may or may not be favorable. Always a good idea to check with your vet!

In the meantime, Nama's Nummies treats are baked, dehydrated and ready to be delivered fresh to your doorstep.

Content was taken from WebMD archives